What's a good investment these days?

Today, there’s lots of ways you can make money. Too many ways actually. Each investment opportunity has its own set of pros and cons with varying degrees of risk and reward. However, the biggest question most financial planners tend to ask is “What is your goal?”. Duh, “To make money!” But, what does this really mean?


Double Dip Doubtful

Originally Published 12/19/2010

I’m doubtful that we’ll dip back into a recession for quite some time. I’m not usually one to make financial predictions, but I wanted to explore the other side of the coin from the usual doom and gloom spewed from the media. We’ve come a long way since the Dow Jones’ lowest dip in March of 2009 to 6,626 points. The market has come back substantially since the recession bottomed out and is up approximately 68%! Now, the stock market hasn’t fully recovered to its peak in 2007. But, it’s getting closer each month!


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